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For many years we have been supplying polypropylene pudding basins to the catering industry used by industrial kitchen chefs to home bakers.

The basins which can be boiled, micro waved, used in pressure cookers or steamers, are dish-washer and freezer safe.  These are basins that still satisfy all of your requirements but also offer you extra – by giving antimicrobial protection.

The advantages are immediately apparent; a product that actively reacts against bacteria such as E-Coli, salmonella and MRSA would highly increase the hygiene efficiency of a busy working environment reducing the possibilities of cross food contamination. Kitchen hygiene is essential everywhere, including, Hospital Kitchens, Nursing homes or childrens nurseries.

With regular kitchen products the slightest of scratches may harbour bacteria, the Steritouch® additive is evenly dispersed throughout the entire moulding giving continuous protection against bacteria in even the deepest of scratches.

The plastic basins or storage pots have SteriTouch® additive based on safe silver technology, will, using natural properties reduce the bacteria by 99.9% in 24 hours.  Please have a look at the SteriTouch® website and find out more about them, the additive and other customers using this technology.

SteriTouch  Spacer Our pudding pots have been independently tested, the SteriTouch® additive, will not affect the performance of the basin, will not leak into or contaminate food, it’s in the basin from the time of manufacture and therefore will not wash or rub off meaning the antimicrobial protection is there to stay. Our basins with SteriTouch® have an aqua blue hint of colour to identify them from our standard range.

Download The SteriTouch® Report for our Basins
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Antimicrobial Basins

Multipack - SteriTouch 1/4 Pint - 140ml Basin

6 basins and lids with antimicrobial protection for the life time of the bowl.

Multipack - SteriTouch 1 Pint - 570ml Basin

6 antimicrobial bowls with lids. Perfect for improving kitchen hygiene.

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Just Pudding Basins is a UK manufacturer of plastic pudding basins and since 2014 we are the UK distributor of Howards Products Inc. USA.

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