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E6000 Spary Adhesive CLR no odour 118ml

E6000 Spary Adhesive CLR no odour 118ml

There is no other product like it! E6000 Spray Adhesive is a permanent, multi-purpose latex-based adhesive without the toxic smells, fumes or unhealthy side effects. It is strong, flexible, water-resistant, resists bleed-through and yellowing and works well on most all materials. 

  • No odor 
  • Clean-up with water 
  • Use on multiple surfaces 
  • Extremely strong, flexible and resists water 
  • Not harmful – contains no VOCs, harsh chemicals or propellants 
  • Photo safe 
  • Super easy to use – just spray 
  • Dries translucent 

E6000 Spary Adhesive CLR no odour 118ml


Follow these step-by-step directions when using E6000 Spray Adhesive:

1. Read all directions before using.
2. Shake vigorously before use.
3. Protect surrounding area from overspray.
4. Point spray tip away from face.
5. Hold bottle 8-10 inches away from surface.
6. PAPER, PHOTOS, CARDBOARD & FOIL: Spray a thin, light coat to one surface. Join materials and continue to apply pressure periodically making sure to secure corners. Allow to dry 1-3 minutes.
7. POROUS MATERIALS (including foams and Styrofoam: Spray a heavy coat to both surfaces to be joined. Mate surfaces together. Allow to dry.*
8. NON-POROUS MATERIALS: Spray a light coat to one surface. Mate surfaces together. Allow to dry.*
9. IMPORTANT – CLEAN AFTER EACH USE: To prevent clogging, remove and rinse nozzle/straw. Pump warm tap water through sprayer until all adhesive is cleared out. Then dry, replace in the bottle, secure cap. *Maximum strength may not be reached for 1-5 hours. Styrofoam may require an overnight cure.


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