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Absolutely brilliant product thanks

Good quality and price, extremely highly recommended

Excellent stuff. I've never seen anything like it. Got an old cabinet, or bit of furniture that needs a new look. Clean of the grime and tobacco smoke first, then with the cloth provided stick this on it, and you'll be amazed. Very easy to work with, I didn't even use the rubber glove provided, I just washed it of with soap and water no problem.

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Needed a replacement for the Orange Oil which we had previously bought from a shopping channel... The oil is perfect for bringing up the lustre of wooden furniture - and it smells nice too. The spray was very safely wrapped and really very secure in its packaging.

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This stuff is like a miracle cure for sad, dull looking wood. It took a lot less time than other products I've used and my wood came up beautiful. My furniture looks brand new again and I got a free cloth. I would never be without this now. Thank you for your lightning delivery, great packaging and this wonderful polish. My wood is so happy I can hear it singing x

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I bought a bottle of the neutral this week (on advice of my Dad who does some woodworking).  I used it to restore the finish on a 1950s G-Plan sideboard that had terrible smoke and oxidation damage on the doors (so much that I couldn't see the original wood).

Although it took a lot of elbow grease because that piece of furniture was sealed with layers of super hard finish (maybe lacquer), I managed to bring out the original grain of the wood.  I since found out it's teak and it looks fantastic! All of the finish rebuffed into a mirror finish (especially where there were ring marks near the handles - they're gone completely).

I thought you'd like to see the results from such a brilliant product.  Apologies about the quality of the photos; it's really tricky photographing shiny wood in the sunlight. (See the Teak Sideboard in our Before & After Section)

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