Pudding Basins by Just Pudding Basins F.A.Q

I have just bought these pudding basins and I am unsure how to use them for steaming?

The basins are to be filled with mix to the level line, giving room for expansion during cooking. You don’t need to foil or tie with string, the lid is designed to let air escape making it ideal in a pressure cooker. you can stand then in a pan and boil for many hours. they can be placed in a slow cooker. The secret is NEVER to let them boil or steam dry, if the plastic comes into contact with dry heat direct eg an element it will melt instantly.
There are many Youtube videos that may be of help.

Are they heatproof?

They can be boiled, steamed or pressured cooked, they are Microwave safe. They are not to be left to boil or steam dry.

Are these suitable for a slow cooker?

Yes- these are fine in a slow cooker as long as the water is topped up, never allow it to dry out. you should get great results.

Are these designed to be used for steaming with the lid on (i.e. it’s not an air-tight seal) ?

Our Basins are designed for steaming and the lids are also designed to allow the steam to escape whilst steaming.
Please do not wrap the Basin and Lid in cling film and of course do not allow to boil dry.

Can these be used to store a Christmas pudding all year?

Our basins are designed for steaming and so are not air tight, So please keep this in mind
With sufficient natural preservative (alcohol) and grease proof paper Christmas pud should keep for some time.

Are Just Pudding Basins non stick?

Yes they are non-stick, food grade polypropylene, they can be used many times over.

Can these be put into an oven?

NO you cannot put our basins in a conventional oven,
They MUST only be used in steamers and must NEVER be allowed to boil dry.

Are these freezer-proof, oven, microwave and dishwasher-proof?

Yes you can use them in both Microwaves and Freezers
You can also steam them and use in pressure cookers but NEVER let them boil dry, And yes Dish washer proof.

How long do you steam the the individual Christmas puddings for?

It really is recipe to recipe, It also is dependant on how you steam them in a pressure cooker they are ready more quickly.
Conventional steam should take approx 1.5 hours NEVER let them boil dry, ALWAYS keep the water topped up.

Can these be used in a slow cooker for a sticky toffee pudding?

YES our basins are great for sticky toffee pudding in a slow cooker but you MUST not let the slow cooker boil dry.

Can you use these to make steamed puddings in?

Yes, they can be boiled in a pan or in a steamer or pressure cooker. Remember never let boil or steam dry. Basins can be used many times over.

How much do i fill with the mix (an inch gap on top)?

You will see a mark around the basin below the top so yes don’t fill above this line to allow the mix to expand.

For steaming puddings, do I need to put an upside-down saucer in the pan first? Or can I put plastic bowls straight in?

Lots of people do use a trivet or saucer but it is an optional thing, as long as there is always water topped up, if it is left with little or no water it will melt and burn, the basins can be boiled/steamed for many hours and can be used many times over as long as they not allowed to boil dry.

My recipe suggests that I boil for 4/5 hours making sure I top water up. Will these be ok for this?

Yes, they are designed to withstand extended time on the boil. However, NEVER let boil dry.

What are the dimensions of the various bowls, please?

The dimensions for our Pudding Basins are as follows:
1/4 Pint – Height 61 mm Diameter 85 mm
1/2 Pint – Height 71 mm Diameter 105 mm
1 Pint – Height 89 mm – Diameter 125 mm
1 1/2 Pint – Height 108 mm Diameter 150 mm
2 Pint – Height 114 mm Diameter 155 mm
3 Pint – Height 125 mm Diameter 180 mm
4 Pint – Height 130 mm Diameter 220 mm