GlassCast Epoxy Resin Kits.

The nature of the product is such that evidence of cloudiness, crystallization or solidity could be present in the resin when you receive it. This is not a defect but a temporary change of state.

The manufacturer advises that this is a natural occurrence, caused by changes in ambient temperatures,
which MUST be reversed entirely before pouring.

A fully liquid state can be restored to the product by placing the sealed resin container in a reservoir of just boiled water. As the water cools, refresh the water with more piping hot water, repeating as many times as necessary until all lumps have dissolved. The video below explains the process.

Once the resin is completely clear, it is vital you allow it to cool back to room temperature before following the manufacturer’s instructions for correct use.

How to Fix Cloudy or Crystallized Resin

Information Downloads

GlassCast 3 : SDS Sheet | TDS Sheet

GlassCast 10 : SDS Sheet | TDSheet

GlassCast 50 : SDS Sheet | TDS Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions.

My bottles have arrived but they look only half full?

Both parts of the material (the resin and the hardener) are in bottles that are much bigger than they really need to be but that is because we have to use special UN approved bottles and packaging for resins and other Dangerous Goods and there are only so many sizes of these available. The weight on the bottle applies to the weight of the contents and the combined weight of the resin (Part A) and the hardener (Part B) equals the total kit weight.

What is the cure time of GlassCast Epoxy Resin?

Fully cured is temperature and thickness of application dependant.
You can’t rush this stuff if you want a great finish. Carefully follow the mixing instructions and you will get a great result

How deep can you pour GlassCast 50?

GlassCast 50 can be up to 25mm per pour, you can of course build up your layers.

Can you turn this resin?

Once the GlassCast resin has had 48 hours cure time, it can be turned and machined no problem on a lathe or other machinery. We commonly see the GlassCast 50 used for resin in wood turning projects such as bowls and cups. Hope that helps

What moulds can I use with this product?

You can use many moulds when casting with GlassCast. We find that a mould made from polypropylene works best, closely followed by silicone moulds. Flash Tape is very useful for getting those crisp straight lines and edges.

Can GlassCast a UV resin for outside projects?

The GlassCast resin range of products are not designed for permanent outdoor use. Although the GlassCast resins have a very high level of UV resistance, the very high levels of UV exposure and the variety of inclement weather and environmental conditions experienced mean that the resin would degrade if permanently used outdoors.

Is GlassCast a good choice of resin for crafts?

Yes, you can use GlassCast Epoxy Resin with silicone moulds for home craft resin projects. Whether you are making resin jewelry or an art with resin project.

Would you use GlassCast 10 or 50 for a river table?

The reason why you would choose GlassCast 50 over GlassCast 10 epoxy table resin for a river table is the thickness and size of the section. GlassCast 50 is designed for larger castings (up to 50mm thick in the right circumstances) whereas GlassCast 10 should not be cast in thicknesses more than 10mm, otherwise there is a danger that the resin could overheat during curing.