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We have sold high-quality British-made food-grade plastic pudding basins with a lid for years. The bowls and lids are designed especially for boiling, steaming, pressure cooker, industrial steamer, or microwave. They can happily stand a 9 hour steam. Our unique design allows for excess air and steam to escape during the cooking process.

The plastic pudding bowls with lids are now available in a wide array of colours, Clear is the traditional more familiar type of steaming basin. Gold, Silver and Red bowls with matching lids were introduced a couple of years ago and most recently Emerald Green and Purple versions are proving extremely popular for the making of Christmas Puddings or cooking a Microwave upside-down cake for a dessert.

Sold in 7 different sizes from a small individual pudding basin to a large family 4 pint option along with our unique variety of 12 colours, you will have plenty of choices and should find it easy to find your perfect plastic pudding basin. From customer feedback, we found that colour coding is important for those needing definition between puddings e.g. gluten-free or nut-free or alcohol-free – a pudding may look exactly the same once steamed but different pots give instant recognition!

So Much More Than Just Pudding Basins…..

We are the UK distributor for Howard Products a Premium USA brand offering a range of products including polish, wax, cleaners and the amazing Restor-A-Finsh which can remove blemishes, scratches, watermarks and heat rings from wooden surfaces.

Proud UK importers of Eclectic Products, Now stocking Shoe Goo 2 and the E6000 range of glues, new E6000 Plus adhesive is great for craft projects, around the home and by the trade.

We stock UNiCORN SPiT. This Non-Toxic Gel Paint and Stain in one has 14 amazingly vibrant colours in the range, plus 6 Sparkling colours, all our products are here in the UK and Just Pudding Basins will despatch your order the same working day if placed before 2pm.

Just Pudding Basins now stocks Jacquard Products increasing our Arts and Craft department by over 300 Items including Paints, Dyes and Pigments. Check out Jacquards No Mess iDye Fabric dyes here!

UK Supplier of E6000

Includes FREE Snip Tip


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One word describes the above brilliant product, service and delivery and made in the UK. Well done Just Pudding Basins Ltd and thank you, will look forward to making my Christmas Puddings and Good Luck with your venture.
Many thanks.


How good are the pudding basins? Terrific. I ordered a set of mixed sizes having just found you and they came quickly. This morning all the Christmas puds have been cooked in the pressure cooker – from family to teeny-tiny.
I am thrilled with the basins (and lids) and equally delighted that to find a business which is the modern version of an old cooperative.

Company Review

Started using smaller companies, such as Just Pudding Basins, again when a well-known retailer was preparing to stop customers using Visa. That process made me question why one company should dominate the market and my own spending patterns. You can get way more than pudding basins here, despite the name(!) and the price is always good.